The Alluring Dark Side of Kensington

You have lots of things to know about the Kensington Destination in London. This is the place all to shop and enjoy and here the ladies can even go for a scrumptious lunch. In case you are on an unconventional tour to Kensington you have some of the most unusual things to discover about the place. This is the scope for you to know Kensington differently. However, there is always a difference between the travellers and the tourist. The tourists are at the destination all for fun. They exactly don’t have any other motto. In case of the travellers the scenario is different. These are people who have the urge to know. This is the reason they like to explore the place they visit.

This is the reason it would be perfect if you try to explore the destination of Kensington and try to know of all things unconventional, rather than walk about taking some casual pictures of the place. You have the friendly streets of Notting Hill here. The houses here are attractive and multi-coloured. You can also see the elegant square gardens. You would also prefer to visit the antique boutiques. In fact, there are things at the place which would seem so contradictory and unusual. It is an experience just out of the world.


The locals of the place will tell you more about the striking towers of the bleak concretes. There is the view of the Trellick Tower. You can say that this is an obscure memorial and it is termed as the Brutalist architecture. The place is neatly surrounded by some of the typical community gardens and these are perfectly followed by the canals and this is where you can witness the sort of lifestyle being navigated on narrow boats. The northern part of Kensington is not so affluent like the southern districts of the place. However, North Kensington stands right with an unpretentious soul. This is the part of London where you can live for cheap.

In case you have an accommodation at the London Premier Kensington Hogarth Road Hotel, you will come to know more about the destination in full details. Near to Kensington you have the district of Chelsea. You can call this one of the famous Victorian London districts. The place is celebrated for the reason of grandiose. You would love to note the presence of the five storey townhouses at the destination. This is the reason the bleak tower which is being surrounded by all the wildlife ponds appear just like the creepy invader and this can rightly rise above the white and sugary doll houses with all the decorated garden squares.

Quite usually the question arises about this haggard tower in the midst of such beauty. You will get the answer from the dedicated modernist Ernő Goldfinger. He is the right man to feel the vive of the city and he even understood the nature of the people. He had an explanation about the construction of the under road and he had much to discover about the hidden infrastructure.

After the person saw the growing population he decided to construct the urban architecture and for this he well utilised the available area. The building is all the more functional and you can keep the utilities and the elevator absolutely detached. This is the reason one can feel the tranquillity at the place. The building has the shabby kind of appearance and the interiors of the flats are all so cosy and relaxing. Once you step inside you can find the airy hall and there are the natural lights floating to all corners. You don’t find those narrow corridors and all the flats have attached balconies.

The unattractive place can be the best community centre. You can call on your friends and have a party out at this traditional place. It is all about oysters and champagnes and you can have the perfect mood of rejoicing at this place so uniquely special and traditional. It is hard to imagine the place as the Brutalist building as it happened to be once upon a time. Due to the growing population the vacant space of the building was greatly utilised and now it is the functional apartment of the area.

At Kensington it is also time to talk about the Grand Union Canal. This is the dense and the unperturbed green area. Once you take a look at the canal you will feel that it is the sort of natural growth but in original this was created with the efforts of the community workers and this happened in the seventies. The event took place just over the wasteland. This is the space with immense characteristics. This is not like any modern park. You can call this the non-urban wildlife garden and it grows across the ponds and it is along the eminent skateboard pit. In fact, this is the hub and the central point of neighbouring area’s skateboard community.

In case you have opted for the Accommodation on Hogarth road Kensington London you can enjoy the view and the show of the Grand Union Canal. Here you get to watch the original function and you can even watch the contrasting greenery for the neat creation of the bold concrete. In case you want to escape the over pouring crowd you can take a retreat at the garden. Now you can be away from the tourist crowds and have a tranquil walk by the side of the canal.

You would love to be at the floating community. These are not so expensive places in London. When you cannot afford to have an accommodation in Central London this is the location you can opt to have an accommodation among peace and greenery. You have crew of people living on the narrow boats. It is a great feeling to get up every morning hearing the loud cries of the geese and the geese and the ducks. You have a grand morning visit under the sun and you are not under a roof. The narrow boat was the first important mode of navigation at the time of Industrial Revolution and this is before the time of the advent of the Railways and the trains.

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