What to avoid when exploring a new city

Nothing quite beats the thrill of arriving in a new city. There are so many sights, sounds and smells to explore that your senses become ignited the minute you step off the plane, train or maybe even boat. London is no exception, and with its host of diverse locals, interesting nooks and crannies to discover, and plenty of buzzing tourist attractions, it’s no wonder that the city has found firm popularity amongst travellers.

No doubt you’ll have booked accommodation that is suited to your travel needs already, but if not consider booking somewhere a little out of the centre of the city, yet close enough that getting from place to place is never an issue. Opting for a hotel such as the London Premier Kensington Hogarth Road, will ensure that you benefit from a quieter location (so less street noise) whilst still having a prime location for public transport networks. And, when you’re exploring a new city, then do think about using public transport where possible rather than taking taxis. Doing so will ensure you get to rub shoulders with the locals- and what better way to soak up a new culture than to immerse yourself in it? Reaching many of the popular choices of accommodation on Hogarth Road Kensington London, is particularly easy from many of the city’s best loved attractions too, thanks to being positioned along a bus route.


However, there are a few things you should avoid when exploring a new city- or anywhere unfamiliar for that matter. For the most part, it’s ensuring that you retain common sense whilst out and about, you might be in a more laid back frame of mind, but you should be wary of compromising your safety too. For example, don’t advertise your belongings to thieves- keep expensive smart phones or amounts of cash securely zipped away in a purse or bag, and don’t be tempted to play with them whilst waiting for your bus or taxi to arrive.

Another thing to avoid, is trying to cram too many things into your travel itinerary. Aim to plan one to two main attractions each day, as this will allow you enough time to enjoy each place fully without feeling rushed or as though you’re on time restraints. Of these two things, one could be one of the many popular tourist attractions, such as the London Eye experience, or discovering the A-listers that reside at Madame Tussauds’, whilst the other could be something free of charge but equally entertaining. Think about visiting one of the Royal parks, or perhaps for art enthusiasts, a trip up Brick Lane to enjoy the street art might be more enjoyable. Where possible try to explore both the commercial and more urban side of the city too, in order to appreciate London’s many different facets.

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