Everything You Want to See and Do in London this Summer

The summer in London is so very special and exciting. The summer months are the best days for you to have leisurely evening walks. London is full of the lush royal parks and you even have event spaces like the outdoor theatres and the fun spaces. Summer is the best time when London is full of the special events. So, it is time that you wait for this summer to set in London and you can take part in the events to feel so special during the season. In London you have all the good things to do. London is full of all the special allurements and it is amazing to have a wonderful London tour this season.

You have the best line of London Premier Kensington Hotels On Hogarth Road. The hotels are offering with the last minute sales and this will help you receive discounts on the sort of accommodation. Now you can save money while staying in London and the cash you save can be spent on other things while having the most fabulous London summer time. You have the dates for booking the stay and you should avail for the dates at the earliest. The summer is the most exciting season when the weather is pleasing and you find respite in all things you do. In case, you have the means to spend time and money you have all the best entertainment options waiting for you in line.

There is the open air theatre in the Regent Park. This is a great place for the theatre enthusiasts. They would love the ambiance of the Regent Park in summer. They would sit in the open and enjoy picknicking and at the same time enjoy the open air show. Here, you would love the shows like Jesus Christ Superstar, Henri V and Pride and Prejudice. These are perfect programs to watch and you have more scenes waiting for your entertainment. You can find out the details at the site and you can also book for the tickets in advance.

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Summer is the time when you can sit and watch the Wimbledon Championship in London. This is the great time of the year when you can feel the thrill of the tournament. You have people coming from all parts of the world to watch the tournament with all excitement and thrill. Watching the players live will help you have the most memorable time out there. You have all the tennis greats gracing the court. It is just the thrilling and the most exclusive time out there.

This is the time you can watch the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child this summer. This is the biggest theatre event of the year and you can take account of the date and time. The theatre will start on the month of June this summer time in London. Harry Porter with his group of friends are coming back to rock the theatres. This time you can see the middle aged Harry along with his son Albus and the excitement is sure to get double this time.

You have the best of hotel deals Kensington London. Summer is the time in London when you can sit and watch the real thrill of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is the famous novel by Truman Capote and it was brought to the West End by Pixie Lott and the role is played by Holly Golightly. This is the perfect and the elite adaptation from the Richard Greenberg and the songs of the movie are really so special. The music is given by Grant Olding. The film has been displayed with all the specialties and you can watch the style of the direction and the production so classic.

In London this summer you can watch for the Famous Flower show at the RHS Hampton Court Palace. The show is spread over 34 acres and it is the spectacular ground of the Hampton Court Palace. Here you find the classic gardens and the place is given shape by the eminent designers and the nurseries. You can come here to buy the fresh plants and produces and you can also see the assortment of the garden tools and equipment. You will also feel great with the magical butterfly display and you can enjoy the Flower Show with the entire family.

You would also love to have a view of the Georgia O’Keeffe at Tate Modern. Here you have all the famous paintings from New Mexico and you would love the portraits of the erotic flowers and with the help of Georgia O’Keeffe one can have a perfect definition of American Modernism. In the month of July you have the landscape painter and he is also the feminist artist working with all grace. The exhibition is extremely classic and here you see the solo showcasing of the work of the artist in parts of UK for the entire generation.

Summer time in London is also famous to sit and watch the Buckingham Palace Summer Opening. This year this is going to be the 90th birthday of the Queen and the event is all the more special. The exhibition at the place is all about her royal wardrobe. Here you get the chance to watch the 90 years of style and fashion. You can also watch for the jewelleries and accessories and even the used attires and this way you get an idea about the existing fashion from the year 1920 till date.

At the exhibition you would be glad to watch the works of the famous British designers of her Royal Majesty. Here, you can have a look at the outfits being worn at the occasions of Christening and Wedding. There are more occasions like Coronations and family celebrations. There are dresses displayed for all the occasions and reasons. You have to purchase tickets in advance if you want to watch the exhibition in time. To take part in the event you can be in London and take time to watch for the famous London sight scenes. In fact, the Summer season is never disappointing in London and you have all the important events taking place in style.

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