Great ways to save on food expenses on a trip

Planning a holiday abroad is always a wonderful experience, albeit it can be expensive if you are not careful about the way you plan your trip. The maximum money spend on a trip is on airfares, accommodation and of course food. Thankfully there are a slew of discounts and travel deals available these days, which will to trip on expenses to a considerable extent.

If you plan to spend your holiday in London you will need to search for the best deals available, as it can otherwise be a very expensive city.  The good news is that there are many fine luxury hotels like the Premier Hotel Kensington, which offer exclusive deals and promotional offers at certain parts of the year. This could help to slash accommodation costs to a large extent. When it comes to saving on food expenses there are quite a few tips that could come in handy. Some of the best ways to save on meal costs when on a trip are:

Select a hotel that offers a free breakfast: One of the most effective ways to reduce cost on food is by staying at a hotel that offers complimentary breakfasts. The only thing to make a note of is to get up early as breakfast is served usually early in the morning. Once you have had a filling breakfast you could even skip lunch and have your next meal at dinner time. You could even grab an apple or some other fruit from the breakfast table to have later on in the day.

Cold Beverages

Reduce consumption of cold drinks: While it is fine to enjoy a cold drink or two, if you are a person who lives on Diet cokes and their likes it can tot up to quite a lot. Instead of reaching for a soda can the next time you feel thirsty, slake your thirst with fresh water. Keep a water bottle handy in your backpack and refill it as soon as it is empty. It will not only help to economise but is a far healthier option.

Eat like the locals: One of the most effective ways to reduce costs on meals is to eat like the locals. As a rule local food is far more economical than continental or western food and equally delicious. Eating at a Mac or KFC will cost you more dearly than tucking into local delicacies like fish n chips in London.

Eating Out

Enjoy street food: One of the biggest advantages of spending a holiday in London is the numerous food stalls and wide variety of street food options available. This can prove to be very cost-effective and is out of the cheapest food available in town. And you need not be concerned about the quality as local council laws are very stringent about preparation methods and quality of ingredients used. A delicious and economical way of saving on food costs.

Food markets: London is home to numerous food markets and some of them offer the finest of local and exotic delicacies available in the city. So the next time you are in Borough, Camden or any of the other famous street markets try out the food stalls that serve some of the most delightful of dishes and treats. You will be amazed at the sheer variety of amazing food items to feast on!

Make the most of the happy hour: Whether you are in London or New York the best way to make the most of your trip while not having to spend dearly on food is to use the Internet. All you need to do is to search for restaurants or bars that offer happy hours at the location you are at. The prices during Happy hours can be up to fifty percent lower so it is the best time to grab a meal or enjoy a drink or two. You may have to eat earlier than at your normal lunch hour but then it is well worth it considering the money you will save.

Skip the snacks: Having something to chomp on occasionally is fine as long as you are not a compulsive snacker.  While it is always enticing to stop for a quick espresso or a spot of ice-cream, all of these little extras add up to your expenses. Instead opt to have a bigger meal and reduce your cravings for snacks while travelling.

Avoid eating at the airport: If you really want to save on cost of food make it a point to skip having a meal at the airport. They can be steeply priced and as a norm they are more expensive than a food restaurant or joint in town. If you have a short flight with no refreshments carry a box with something to munch like fresh fruit. If you are in on a long-haul flight there is no need for concern as you will be served the complimentary free meals. If you have adequate frequent flier miles you could use it to gain access to the airport lounge where free food buffets are served.

Try the buffet system: Another great way to save money on food costs is to try the buffet option at hotels or restaurants that offer this facility. It tends to be much cheaper than having a regular meal at a restaurant. Another plus is that if offers greater variety so you are limited to just a few dishes to choose from. There may be certain restaurants that even special discounted passes which would be an added bonus!

Make the most of coupons: A great way to eat at some of the swankiest restaurants is to try online sites that offer special deals and coupons. Some of them have promotional codes while other places offer kiosks in the city where you can get booklets with coupons in them. You could even check the hotel you are staying in if they offer any coupons for affiliate hotels and restaurants in the city.

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