One of London’s unique attractions – The OXO Tower

The city of London is renowned the world over for its incredible collection of attractions. From palatial palaces to marvellous museums, forbidding fortresses to amazing art galleries, among plenty of other landmarks and historic sites, all can be found in this city.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg! It is also home to some of the more unusual and rare attractions to be found in the world. From museums dedicated to brands to some of the quirkiest medical oddities, there is plenty to visit and explore in London. Once you are done visiting the prominent attractions, there are a wide variety of more unique attractions to visit on a trip to London.

OXO Tower London
The key to enjoying a memorable holiday in the city is to choose accommodation that is central in location London is indeed a large city and commuting from one part to another can pose a few challenges of its own especially, during peak hours of traffic when there is a fair amount of traffic congestion in the city. Therefore, opting to stay at a hotel like the London Premier Kensington Hotel Earls Court makes it convenient to travel to the many attractions in the city. Apart from its central location it also offers the best premium facilities and a host of amenities all at a very affordable price. Once you are done with usual sightseeing in London and are keen to explore other unique places you could drop in at London’s Oxo Tower.

The Oxo Tower is one of the city’s award-winning, landmark buildings that is located along the city’s famous South Bank and Bankside areas. The building itself has served as a landmark in the area from the 1930s. At its peak it was home to the manufacturers of the OXO brand and since then served as a building for multiple purposes over the years. However in the 1970s it fell into disuse and disrepair and was defunct of any business or commercial purposes. It got fresh impetus when in the 90s the tower was taken over by the Coin Street Community Builders who planned a massive refurbishment project designed at transforming the edifice. The new owners planned to change the place into an award-winning location that was to consist of galleries, co-operative homes, cafes, retail design studios and specialist shops etc.

A conglomerate of financial partnerships resulted in a massive £20 million refurbishment project that was carried out by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands. As a consequence of the fine work done by the designers, the tower in 1997 received the prestigious Royal Fine Art Commission / BSkyB Building of the Year for Urban Regeneration. It offers visitors a wide variety of retail space outlets to shop at, apart from fine restaurants and its own exotic art gallery that hosts a variety of exhibitions and events all year long. One of London’s more unique landmarks to explore!

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