Travelling around London with children in tow

Taking your family for a city trip can often be quite costly, there’s a lot to shell out on including food and accommodation. However, travel is one way you can often make savings if you know how. For example, if you were planning a London trip with the children, then try to get organised as soon as possible. Often the earlier that you can book your tickets, the more money you can save, and this is especially true if you book online. Websites such as ‘the trainline’ can offer discounted train fares if booked ahead of travelling. Another way to save on rail fares is to travel at ‘off-peak times’ and this has other benefits too, such as the carriages being quieter and a higher chance of securing a seat for the duration.

Travelling with Kids

When you’re in the city, getting from place to place needn’t be an expensive affair either, especially if you utilise the fantastic public transport that is available. The city has a complex tube network that makes getting from one side of the city to the next, a doddle. Furthermore, families will be pleased to discover that up to four children under the age of 10 can travel for free on the London underground when with a paying adult. That means that using the tube can be much cheaper than using your own vehicle or car to get around the city, as parking is very expensive, and fuel costs soon rack up when stuck in constant traffic lines.

If you’ve travelled to the city by rail, then you’ll more than likely get off the train at Paddington station, which also has an underground platform, meaning that getting to your hotel will be quick and stress-free. So, if you were staying at the London Premier Kensington Earls Court, then there’s no need to get a pricey taxi in order to transfer you from the station, as you can just hop on a tube instead, and as children travel for free, it’s economical too.

To make travelling around the city even easier, consider getting a travel Oyster card. This handy little card can be topped up or prepaid before you head off, making paying for your fares simpler still. Gone are the days of faffing with loose change in order to pay for a bus or tram ticket, instead you can simply tap this card against the yellow ticket machine and hop aboard. It’s the way the locals do it, and you’ll notice that it considerably cuts down queue times too.

As well as being cheap and cheerful, public transport is a brilliant way to see more of the city- you could, for example, take a bus over to the East side of the city to explore urban London. Keep your eyes peeled for colourful street art by talented artists such as Banksy. The wonderful graffiti make an otherwise boring bus journey, exciting and fun.

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