Visiting Buckingham Palace in summer- what you need to know

If you’re visiting London this summer during your annual leave from work, don’t be surprised to learn that Her Royal Highness also takes a break too. During the summer months, whilst the Queen is away from her residency, the State rooms are opened up to members of the public. Along with exhibitions displaying Royal childhood memoirs and a special fashion exhibition celebrating 90 years of Royal dressing, the Royal mews are available to view too.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace is a must see for any Royalists who are visiting the city, and the admission price, whilst pricey, is absolutely worth every penny. There is no charge for children under five, so the palace makes a great destination for a family day out. Furthermore, getting to the palace is relatively easy from many of the popular places to stay. The hotel London Premier Kensington is particularly easy as the hotel is along a major bus route and is also close to a tube station, giving you plenty of options to explore in order to reach the palace. The palace is accessible by three tube stations- Victoria, Green Park and Hyde Park corner and is also on numerous bus routes that go through central London.

Throughout the summer months, the state rooms are open between 9.15am and 7.45 pm, so there’s plenty of time to explore and take in the sumptuous surroundings. In fact, Buckingham Palace is a great place to head to celebrate a special occasion- what better way to say ‘happy birthday’ to someone special than to make them feel like a King or Queen for the day? You could even try to plan your visit to coincide with the Changing of the guard’s procession that takes place daily throughout the summer- weather permitting. The procession is a very grand affair, and adults and children alike will be in awe at the majestic guards on horseback as they travel past. Best of all though, the procession is absolutely free to watch, so even if you aren’t planning to pay in order to visit the palace, the changing of the guards’ is still worth a trip.

If you find you still have a few hours to spare after your visit to the palace, you could make your way over to nearby Camden Market. One of London’s biggest markets, Camden boasts over 1000 shops, stalls and food vendors- perfect for wiling away an afternoon. Whether you prefer shopping for music, fashion or art, you’re bound to find something amidst the stalls that offer both new and vintage items. There are also lots of one-off pieces to ensure that you purchase something that no one else will have, individuality and uniqueness are definitely celebrated in the city of London, so it’s little surprise to find that items offered for sale are just as quirky.

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